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Our Self Service Documents are a quick and easy way to create the legal documents you need. All matters are review and managed by our team of skilled lawyers.

How It Works

Select a document, complete the questionnaire & upload all relevant documents.
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A lawyer will review the information provided, they will then call you to discuss the matter and take payment.
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All relevant documents are generated and delivered to you.
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All done!

Things to Note

Who's This For

This service is designed for people who know which document and process they need and are familiar with these areas of law.

Otherwise, we recommend giving us a call to discuss your situation before beginning the document creation process. We will be able to advise on the matter and if the self service documents are suitable, or if its a more complex matter and would need additional assistance from our lawyers.

Complex Matters

While these processes are appropriate for many matters, some situations may require additional effort by our team of lawyers. If you have submitted a matter but it's deemed to require further assistance, then we will discuss this with you on the call and provide an updated estimate of costs. You will not be charged for the documents until we have had this conversations and the revised cost has been accepted.

What Its Not

A lawyer. While these tools are a very quick and low cost way to create these documents it doesn't replace legal advice from an actual lawyer. If you're not sure which document is right for your situation or have any questions then please contact us before you begin.

Documents Available

Create a Document

To create a document enter your details below and select the document from the dropdown, then click being. A new tab will open with the questionnaire for you to complete. Once submitted we will review it and contact you to finalise the matter.

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